Peace Lutheran of Linton, ND is the result of a merger of a number of scattered congregations that dotted the prairie in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s; Peace Lutheran Church, Hampton Immanuel Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, St. John’s, Martins, and Temvik Zion Lutheran churches. Between 1937 and 1952, the five rural churches disolved and their members joined Peace Lutheran, originally located in downtown Linton.

With the disolution of the smaller churches, it was decided early in the 1950’s to begin plans for a new church that could accomodate the needs of the growing congregation. On September 1st, 1963 the new church was dedicated, though the building wasn’t yet completed. Also that year, the new parsonage was built.

Before joining the LCMC in 2011, Peace was part of the ELCA and before that, the ALC with a very distinct German heritage.

For a more detailed history, please call the church office for a copy of the 100th Anniversary book, “To God Be The Glory,” priced at $25.